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Explosion Proof P3 On/Off Positioner

Explosion Proof P3 On/Off Positioner


  • ATEX / IECEX Approval: Exd Group IIC Category 2 Gas & Dust T5, IP66
  • Voltages: 240 V Ac, 115 V Ac 48 V Dc, 24 V Dc
  • Working Temperature Range: -20°C to +60°C
  • Power Consumption: positioner 1.5 W max. solenoids 5 VA max. per solenoid.
  • Selected External Inputs: 4-20mA - impedance 250 ohm. Potentiometer - minimum resistance 10K ohm.
  • Casing: Precision diecast LM24 alloy, anodized & epoxy stove enamel.
  • Coupling: Zinc plated steel or stainless steel option.
  • Positioner Performance: Linearity - better than 1% of range deadband - 0.1 to 3% of range (subject to optimization of speed, deadband and damping).
  • Optional 2-wire Angle Transducer: supply voltage - 8.5 to 27v Dc output - 4-20mA, linearly proportionate to angular position, electrically isolated from all other inputs and outputs functions with or without positioner circuit energization.
  • Dimensions: See cutsheet


Explosion Proof P3 Positioner
The explosion proof P3 on/off positioner offers a robust three position rotary control device with a fast, smooth, accurate response in a compact corrosion resistant, aluminium housing.

The unit is available ATEX approved to Category 2 and offers four voltages, many switch options and angle position feedback. Available for close mounting on Kinetrol actuator models 05 to 15 or discrete mounting via a Kinetrol 05 square or NAMUR drive.