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DeviceNet On/Off Communication Card


  • Up to 63 units with on-off control, powered and controlled using DeviceNet's 5-core cable
  • Single 5-way terminal provided with each card
  • Field selectable network speeds (125, 250 and 500 Kbits/s)
  • Available in the Kinetrol VLS limit switch box and is retrofittable
  • 2 on/off outputs and inputs per unit
  • Reads mechanical switches or inductive sensors
  • LED external indicator option
  • Up to 63 24V 1W solenoid valves can be connected to the bus with no separate power supply 11.0 to 26.4V dc, 3 W max power supply
  • Unique Node ID for each unit in the network (1 to 63)
  • M12 connector plug option available for faster installation
  • Operating temperature range 0°C to +60°C
  • Output short circuit protection built in
Kinetrol DeviceNet On/Off Communication Card
Kinetrol's DeviceNet communication option is available within the Kinetrol VLS limit switch box and offers the same advantages plus the highly specified DeviceNet circuit to give genuine industrial quality and integration capabilities into existing DeviceNet networks.

DeviceNet allows the user to build an intelligent communication network with various control devices, all feeding back to a central control unit. Using the Master-Slave model, up to 63 devices can be monitored and controlled in a single network.

The control network is formed using the DeviceNet 5-core bus cable, providing both communication transport and power to each node within the system. The power provided through the bus is enough to drive the DeviceNet card with additional power available to drive one solenoid valve at each node. The bus cable can be routed to the terminal blocks via the switch box conduit entries or alternately, M12 connector plugs can be installed for quicker and easier connection.

The DeviceNet card can be installed remotely or locally, using either the Master controller or the provided DIP switches to set up each node in the system.

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