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The Best 1/4 Turn Actuator on the Market Today. Period.

It's a bold statement, but it's backed up with decades of proven performance, millions of actuators in the field, and many happy customers.  Click image below for larger view:

Kinetrol Features and Benefits


Operation or positioning of ball, butterfly, plug and control valves, ventilation dampers and automatic doors. Uses also include movement and positioning of components during manufacture - in fact anything that needs to be turned through 90° or less, automatically or by remote control.

  • LONG MAINTENANCE-FREE LIFE - Up to 4 million operations guaranteed.
  • PROVEN IN SERVICE - Millions of units operating trouble-free worldwide.
  • CHOICE OF MALE OR FEMALE OUTPUT DRIVE SQUARES - Easy and versatile interface to applications
  • CLOSE COUPLED CONTROL MODULES - Fail-safe spring returns, limit switch boxes, solenoid valves and positioners all close coupled to actuators
  • Patented Energy Absorbent, Space Filling Sideplates - Minimise dimensions and air consumption thereby maximising efficiency and operating speeds
  • Visual Position Indication
  • Internal Shaft / Vane Casting - Single moving part with no cranks or gearing. Simplest quarter-turn design eliminates fretting and power loss. Zero backlash produces most accurate modulation.
  • Unique Serial Number - For identification and traceability
  • Easy End Stop Adjustment - At each end of travel for accurate setting / seating
  • Double Opposed Lip Seals - Wear resistant polyurethane lip seals preloaded by stainless steel spring expanders
  • Long Life Low Friction Polymer Internal Finish
  • Epoxy Stove Enamel External Finish - Durable and corrosion resistant