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AP Pneumatic Positioner


  • Fast, smooth, accurate response
  • Simple, all-mechanical function for unbeatable reliability
  • Three flow options to optimize control on all actuator sizes
  • Universal application
    The unit can be mounted in any orientation on to any quarter-turn or linear application
  • Easy set up
    Quick calibration and reversal of rotational sense (clockwise and counter clockwise) without special tools or parts change
  • ATEX CAT 1 / IECEX approved versions available
  • Easily retrofitted integral module options include:
    • Two wire 4-20mA angle retransmit (inside the same case)
    • Mechanical or inductive limit switches (general or hazardous areas)
    • 4-20mA I/P convertors (general or hazardous areas)
    • Clear Cone visual position indicator (general or hazardous areas)
    • DIN plug option for retransmit connection
    • Low (-40°C) and high (100°C) temperature versions available
    • Fail hold options available
    • Choice of mount options - see opposite
  • Weatherproof, compact and robust metal housing
  • Vibration and shock resistant to 4G
  • Built in ports for signal air supply and gauge connections
  • ATEX CAT 2 Exd switch option available


Kinetrol SAP Positioner
The AP Positioner is designed to drive a rotary or linear actuator to a position set by a 3-15 psi (0.2 to 1.0 bar) signal and hold it there until the signal changes. When a signal pressure is applied to the diaphragm it moves the force balance lever clockwise against the tension of the feedback spring. This moves the spool valve, supplying air pressure to one side of the actuator while exhausting trapped air from the other side. The feedback shaft follows the movement of the actuator and turns the cam counter clockwise, pushing the cam follower and increasing the tension on the feedback spring until it balances the forces on the diaphragm and moves the spool valve to its hold position.

The input signal and desired position is determined by the cam profile. A cam giving 0-90° output movement linearly proportional to a 3-15 psi (0.2-1.0 bar) signal is standard, and almost any desired characteristic can be supplied to order; if it cannot be found in the list of existing options contact Kinetrol.

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