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Female Drive Spring Units


  • Simple, elegant direct-mount interface for most valves
  • Multiple ISO mounting flange hole drillings for each model
  • Large ISO/DIN compatible ‘star’ drive for most models
  • Valve leak tell-tale/relief slots in mounting face
  • Female serrated insert drive options available for maximum direct mount flexibility on some models
  • Keeper plates available to ensure safe handling
  • Same reliable, long-life, fully sealed spring unit as on male-drive units
  • Allows accessories to be direct mounted to top of actuator (e.g positioner)


Kinetrol Female Drive Spring Unit
Torques are identical to standard and low pressure spring torques.

Female drive spring units are always designed to be mounted between the actuator and the application. Consequently, a female spring designated ‘clockwise’ as a separate module will, when mounted below an actuator, result in a ‘clockwise’ assembly. Female drive springs are not designed to interface directly with modular switch boxes, positioners etc.

ISO/DIN ‘Star’ Drives

Female bi-square (star) drive spring fail-safe units are available for models 03 to 20.
Star drive units are specified by adding a ‘F’ to the DIN/ISO code:
e.g. for a standard model 07 actuator with a female star drive, a regular 074-120 code becomes 073F120.

Serrated Drives

Female serrated drive spring fail-safe units are available for models 05, 07, 08, 09 & 10 to give maximum mounting flexibility.

Features include:

  • Can accommodate large diameter valve stems
  • Deep hole in shaft for long valve stems
  • Precision stainless steel inserts
  • Common internal drive shapes available
  • Same spring can be used with different valve type/sizes
  • 48 teeth allow many different orientations

Serrated drive units are (excluding couplings) specified by adding an ‘S’ to the ISO/DIN code: e.g. for a standard model 07 actuator with a serrated female drive, a regular 074-120 code becomes 073S120.

A range of blank and internally profiled serrated stainless steel couplings are available.

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